Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wanting Some Color

I'm so tired of the white
I want some color in my life
Luckily in my photo archives
I find some color that brought me joy back then
And it brings me joy again

Friday, January 29, 2010

Be Your Own Best Friend

"Well, if you can't enjoy your own company...
you're not fit company for anyone else."
~ Misery ~ Stephen King

Wayne's in a hockey tournament tonight and all day tomorrow.
Kurtis will be with his girlfriend.
It will be just Banjo and I tonight and tomorrow.

Though I wouldn't want it for too long,
I sometimes like having the house to myself.
I plan on having a long bath,
laying in bed watching a movie,
doing some crafting,
perhaps taking myself on a photo shoot
and a Saturday afternoon snooze!

It will be all about me!

I hope you treat yourself
like you would your best friend
this weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 101

My friend Katrina from kat's cradle passed on this Happy 101 project the other day. I am to share 10 things that make me happy. Well that's easy ~ because I can find joy in so many little things. So excluding family and friends here are 10 things that can easily bring me a smile and make me happy:
1) Well...let's just lay it on the table right off. Number 1. Movies starring Colin Firth...oh Colin....I feel you need no explanation. I love you. There is no more to say.

Don't worry know I only dream of you! ...errr...except for that once... :)
2) Sunshine sparkles reflecting off water. I find them magical.
3) My crafting supplies. Oh the joy I find sitting amongst my bits and bobbles and choosing what to use.
4) Wildlife photo opportunities. This little fox made me very happy the day I watched him play with a stick as I took photos of him!
5) Country drive photo shoots. A drive in the country always turns up something fun to take pictures of. 6) Watching Ellen. She's so funny, natural and sincere. I love her.
7) Watching the birds. Pure pleasure.
8) Bare feet {or paws} in green grass. sigh...hurry up spring!9) Leaving some cat food out and knowing a stray kitten will have a full belly at least for one night.
10) Fall leaves in the month of September. Although winter comes next, fall truly is my favorite season, especially during the month of September.

Now I am supposed to pass this on to 10 blogs but it was so much fun to think about and choose and share these 10 things that make me happy, I pass it on to anyone that would like to work on this little project! Just copy and paste the little Happy 101 icon at the top and post away!

Photo Credits: Colin ( & Ellen (

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doctor's Orders

Can you believe my Banjo is under Doctor's orders not to lose any more weight? (3o lbs) How about now? (16 3/4 lbs)
I had to take Banjo to the vet the other day (nothing serious) and we found out he lost another 1.25 lbs in six weeks. Too much weight loss too quickly for a kitty! So he is under Doctor's orders to eat more. He is at 16 3/4 lbs and was at 18 lbs at the beginning of December. I want to get him back to 17 lbs and try to keep him there for awhile.

It's very hard to try and stabilize a cat's weight let me tell you. So for now ~ it's extra food for Banjo and a trip to the vet's every second Saturday to weigh him to ensure we get his weight stablized.

He's been on a diet since he was 1 years old. He was 18 lbs at the time and a vet insisted he go on Science Hill Weight Loss food. We 'dieted' him up to 30 lbs. (Don't even get me started about Science Hill pet opinion only of course...)

After I studied and researched cat food on my own, I found a food with high protein (meat as the first ingredient) and it didn't cost me $40 a bag I was used to paying! Only $6.49 a bag - and the weight started coming off.

So for awhile Banjo will be getting an extra scoop or two of food!

Gosh...I wonder what it would be like to have my Doctor tell me to eat more? I'm sure I'll never know. ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Disappearance of Wire Kitty

To refresh your memory...Below

Wire kitty as of today

Nothing but his wee little ears peaking out...

There is more snow in the forecast

for tonight & tomorrow
Good-bye wire kitty...

I will miss you...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Sunday Morning Blizzard

These are scenes from outside my house this morning. Let me remind you that we had no snow left in our front yard. There had even been a patch of green starting underneath our big tree.

No green outside today.

After helping 4 people get unstuck just around the corner from us, Wayne discovered something has punctured one of his tires. Off he goes through another snow bank to try and find somewhere to get it fixed so we can get to work tomorrow.

On his return home, he pushes another person out of a snow bank.


What on earth is so important to be traveling on a day like today??
See the far away light in this picture below? That's a snow blow (believe it or not) out on the highway. I can usually see the trees in front of the highway. I can't this morning.
I can't see out my living room window.
No sunshine will be getting to my solar lights today.

Must ~
try ~
to find ~
some beauty ~
in all of this...
I phoned my mom to tell her and George about the storm we are having. She told me her and George were in their shorts, sitting in the hot sunshine waiting for their friends to come over as they were going to Mexico today...

I cursed her... {it was with love and she knew I didn't mean it!}

She told me she would buy me something nice...

I hope it's a pair of thick wool socks...

Come on Stanley...get back into the house...

Let's get back into bed and watch a movie...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back With A Vengeance

Winter is back indeed
With a vengeance
Winter storm warnings
White is all around us
We will stay inside today

Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend Forecast

Forecast: Flurries, Freezing Drizzle, Snow and Fog...

Winter is supposed to return this weekend. I think I shall stay in side my warm and cozy house. I will do some crafting, watch some movies, have some snoozies...mmm...yes indeed...that's the plan.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not One of My Talents

I wish I could take credit

for drawing this picture of Banjo.

But I can't.
Though this next picture of Banjo

I can take credit for drawing...


The first picture I have to

give credit to photoshop.

Fun though isn't it?

Whatever your talents ~

have a terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Celery...I hate it...

I have not had chocolate since January 3rd
I am weakening
I was eating celery yesterday
I hate celery
Some old ~ very old ~ chocolate syrup was taunting me
I went crazy for a minute
I squeezed the last few drops onto my celery
I took a picture of it
Beautiful chocolate on top of disgusting celery
I threw it all in the garbage
Hey Mr. Slap Chop guy...
Instead of inventing another useless gadget
to cut up vegetables
how about inventing
fat free ~ calorie free
but still tastes good
chocolate? huh?
That's where the money is buddy!!!!
Am I right ladies???

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Road Trip with a Purpose

The road trip that my boys and I went on this past weekend had a purpose. No, it wasn't to take photos, as everything seems so ugly and dirty with the melted snow and mud around.

It was because Wayne needed a new hockey helmet ~ as he felt his 30 year old helmet was no longer sufficient to protect his head from a puck. And I needed a new camera bag to fit my camera and lenses in.

Well...perhaps needed is a strong word...I wanted one!
I ordered in this bone & black jill.e camera bag and was able to pick it up on Saturday. It doesn't even look like a camera bag does it? More like a purse! I was looking for a bag that could hold my camera, lenses, spare battery and storage cards. It had to have lots of pockets, durable, easy to carry, have a place to put my important purse items so I didn't have to carry a camera bag and a purse all time and of course, it had to be pretty! This bag is leather, has a matching wallet/pouch, lots of storage and of course, the final question I had to ask myself before I purchased it...

"Does this bag make my butt look big?"

Hmmm...nope...I think I look good with it.

So I bought it! :)

P.S. Did you notice my hair is now more proportionate to my nose? As per my New Year's "Try To's"? :)

Thank You - Kreativ Bloggin

A big Thank You to kat's corner for nominating me for another Kreativ Bloggin award! Her blog is full of photos of all different sorts of things including her 1830 Antebellum house. As I just did this award last week I won't nominate anyone in particular again but encourage any of you lovely bloggers to take the award and pass it on. There are so many inspiring blogs out there. Thanks again kat's corner!

Monday, January 18, 2010

In Memory of My Dad

October 7, 1941 ~ January 18, 1999

My dad had a great sense of humour.
I will honour him by trying to laugh extra today.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Turn Back Time ~ Sunday's Here

it's Sunday...
back to work tomorrow...

if I could turn back time I would...

...but I can't...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday - Plans for the Weekend

Put your sunglasses on Stanley
We're taking a road trip!

P.S. Please bring your wallet... :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ask and you shall receive...

Got home from work last night
Driving through the slushy streets
I was so excited for a moment
Was that some green I see?
errrmm...that's not exactly the green
that I was hoping for...
Why do the weeds
always come back first?
Meanwhile, as I am taking pictures ~
"'s home...that means it's supper time!!!"
The water is running fast and furious
The drains can't keep up
Big puddles everywhere
I wish I had some rubber boots to put on
"Hello!!!! Mother!!!
Hungry cat here!
Could you put that camera away
and come in the house to feed me?!!"
Here's a hint of green that I was looking for
A patch starting under our big tree
This tree soaks up the snow fast
I love this tree.
Here's 'wire cat' from the other day
You can see all of him now
Do I even dare
to hope
that the snow is gone
for good?
Hungry beast getting
grumpier by the minute!
Feed Me Feed Me FEED ME!!!!"

And with that
I go inside the house
and feed my hungry cat.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It is supposed to be +5c (41F) here all week
The snow under our big tree is almost gone
The grass underneath is brown

I know it won't last long
Winter will come back with a vengeance
I will not put my winter boots away yet

But if I could just see some green
Just a tiny little bit
I could believe that spring will come again

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big Heart Crooked Eye

There are 6 trees grouped together
(which is almost a forest for Southern Saskatchewan...!!!)
along the road going to Tim Horton's.
On each tree is a birdhouse
someone has built and put up.

Six cute little homes
for any little bird
that may need one.
A very lovely thing to do.

They are all put on
I'm not sure who it was
but I am on the look-out for
a person with a big heart
and a very crooked eye... :)


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