Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

How come a "Snow Day"
never causes work to be cancelled?
~ hmmm... ~


katrina lauren said...

yes please...i'll take a snow day from the comfort of my couch that is! remember staying home from school so many times...listening to the radio to see if our school was on the cancellation list! loved when it was...
have to get ready for work...see you soon!

Brian said...

Hey Banjo, excellent decision...don't go out in that stuff, it gets in your paw pads and...yuck, don't do it!!!

Jaime said...

Oh these are wonderful! As much as I hate driving in it, I am so dying for some snow to take pictures in! I will be visiting my brother in Nelson for Christmas though, so I am sure to have a white one too!
You don't get to take the day off work because you guys are too used to the on the coast, the whole city shuts down after a snowfall because we don't have enough snowplows, and no one knows how to drive.
But I will keep wishing for you, a good old fashioned stay-inside-where-it's-warm-with-a-cup-o-hot-chocolate-day-off-work-snow-day.
Just for you. xo

S. Etole said...

Great snow pictures along with your very wise cat.

Starla said...

Snow = cold.
It's nice to take pictures in but not nice to walk in when it's -40 C with wind chill. Brrr... How's the weather there in Swift? Regina is sure keeping "cool" these days. I always feel cold everyday. :(

BeadedTail said...

Nothing prevents my boss from going to work so I don't get any snow days either - unless the internet goes out which isn't very often.

Banjo, you are one smart kitty! It's best to stay inside where it's nice and warm!

Love your photos!

Hot Rocks said...

I love your snowy pictures! Even tho I dislike the snow we get It certainly always makes everything look pretty! You and I both know that in our part of the world, it takes A LOT of snow and cold to shut anything down!


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