Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Pictures - Highway #4 Going North

What's a drive along a prairie highway without seeing a bail or two?
Can you spot the little white house in the valley?
I am thinking it would be very peaceful to live there!
It was a snowy and frosty morning.
With the dried hay (??...wheat...flax...?? not a clue what that is...some prairie girl I am...!) and the dusting of snow against the dark blue and gray sky, this picture reminds me of a warm beach somehow. I'm contemplating printing this picture as an 11 x 14 for my bathroom as it matches my bathroom colors perfectly! It seems warm and relaxing to me somehow.

The old farm yard where I took the pictures
of the car and wagon below.

Have a great Thursday!


kittykye said...

Oh, very nice! I'm with you on the fourth picture too - Great colours. Even though I'm sure it was pretty chilly out there, it makes it feel warm.

MedaM said...

This is really wonderful series of photos! What a frosty morning! The first photo is my favorite!

S. Etole said...

The colors blend together beautifully.

BeadedTail said...

Your photos are so lovely. They are certainly print worthy and all are so peaceful!

Dorothy said...

I had a stressful day therefore it was great to get absorbed in your wonderful pictures.

Dorothy from grammology

Jaime said...

You know...we used to drive to Calgary all the time when I was young, and I never really appreciated the prarie parts..I thought they were boring. But now, I think they are such lovely vast open spaces with the most calming color schemes. You captured this so beautifully.

Jaime said...

Um..I meant prairie.

I can spell.


Lisa RedWillow said...

There is beauty in winter.
Its not far off. Enjoy the rest of Summer and the new Season coming up.


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