Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy Day

I had a very busy day off yesterday! First I chased Banjo away from the Christmas tree.
Then I baked cookies.
Then I chased Banjo out of the kitchen as he was going to jump up onto the cupboard.
Then I cleaned my kitchen.
Next I chased Banjo away from the Christmas tree.
Then I wrapped some presents.
Then I chased Banjo away from the presents. {Do you see a pattern happening here?}
Then I wrapped some more presents.
Then I scolded Banjo for chewing on a bow.
Then Banjo hid under a kitchen chair, waiting for me to ignore him.
Then I finished wrapping presents.

Then I gave Banjo a good 'talking to' and he ignored me...

It was a good day...


I am Cat's Mom said...

You and Banjo are so cute! yummmm cookies look delicious.

MedaM said...

Your Christmas tree is lovely decorated. Your cookies look so beautiful and delicious and Banjo is adorable as always. Your post is great.

S. Etole said...

Banjo had a busy day, too, it sounds like. I enjoy your pictures and account.

BeadedTail said...

You certainly did have a busy day and Banjo had a busy day snoopervising you! He is just so cute and I love seeing photos of him!

Marlene said...

I'm sure Banjo was just inspecting and making sure you did everything right ;)

Brian said...

You and Banjo did have a big busy day...and the pictures prove it!!!

Hot Rocks said...

I like the gift bag with the cats on it! You look like you are ready for Christmas!

Jaime said...

Banjo is just lovin that tree! As long as he doesn't start climbing. That could be trouble.


yhosie said...

hi catherine!
lovely blog u have
and im enjoying myself smiling and laughing reading ur blog
im not a cat person but.. i'd love to know BANJO
i like the way you deliver the words

would be nice to know u

XoXo from east java!


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