Monday, November 16, 2009

Honesty for Katrina

Katscradle passed on this honesty award to me. In accepting it, I have to share 10 honest things about myself. I assume that is things not very many, if any, people know about me.

Well here it goes:

1. I gave my boxed wedding dress to Community Living this summer. I decided that after hauling it around 7 different homes and storing it for over 20 years was a waste of space and time. I wish I would have thrown it out the day after my wedding and it would of saved my mother the expense of having it dry cleaned and boxed and my husband the time moving it from home to home!

2. When I die {not for many many years yet} I want to be cremated and made into a craft. Perhaps a little 'sandart' or something. Kurtis and his wife can display me on a book shelf or fire place mantel.

3. I snore...there...I said it...

4. When Wayne isn't home I have to check that I locked the door at least 4 times before I can fall asleep. I check it, then lay in bed and think about it, then have to get up and look again because what if while I was checking it I accidentally unlocked it. I know...I'm whacked...

5. I hate 'call waiting'. A Doctor, the Chief of Police and Batman are the only ones that need call waiting. Who the hell is so important on the other line that you have to put me on hold or rush me through a conversation to be able to hang up on me??? They will call you back or leave you a message and then you can call them back!!! Gaak!

6. I still have one pair of size 7 jeans in a plastic container in storage. I don't know why. I guess just so that I can torture myself knowing that I will never be that size again.

7. I do a gag reflex whenever I see someone (almost always a man) 'hork' on a road or sidewalk. OMG - that is so disgusting. Go back to the cave Fred!

8. For about 3 years (age 31 to 34) I endured mild to severe panic attacks. Mild where I had heart flutters, moderate was heart palpitations with chills and severe where I ended up in the hospital pretty sure my lungs were collapsing or that I was having a heart attack. They pretty much ended as abruptly as they started. Go figger! :-/

9. I can not handle having anything between my toes. Toe socks in the 70's? Yuck!!! Toe rings? Yeeek!!! It actually even bothers me seeing someone else wearing a toe ring. It's just not right.

10. I can not stand people that are late. I'm not talking 2 or 3 minutes late or the person that was late because they had a flat tire sort of deal. I am talking about the ones that are always 10 to 20 minutes or more late. But of course, they always have an excuse don't they? Why do you think your time is so much more important than mine? I have made a conscious choice to be on time - I have to assume you have made a conscious choice to be late. It's rude ~ quit doing it. If you have to get up earlier to make it on time, get up earlier. Whatever it takes.

Well...there you have it. Some of that was venting - but it felt good!

So any of my blogger lovelies that want to take the award and 'cleanse' yourself ~ be my guest!


katrina lauren said...

hmmm learned a few new things....sand art eh? a snorer you say? thanks for was fun reading your little bits of honesty...
see you tomorrow.

BeadedTail said...

I enjoyed getting to know you better! I've been wanting to get rid of my wedding dress too after 21 years of marriage but haven't yet. It's about time I think!

Jaime said...

OH! No 7!!
I am so with literally makes me gag too...especially when they blow their nose onto the ground or sidewalk..WHAT IS WITH THAT??!? It's called a kleenex people! (and yes, it is always always a man)

Loved this list..loved learning about YOU!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

LOL! I snore, too. Loudly. Very loudly. At least that's what I hear. ;-)

And it only took me 30 years and 6 moves to get rid of the Jr. High School prom dress I never actually wore (date's mom went into the hospital). Yes, you read that right... Junior High. Why? I dunno!! I didn't even like the dress that much!


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