Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eating Without Fear

During my Sunday morning "Beauty in the Backyard" photo taking, I was standing just over 2 feet away from the bird feeders, gawking around my backyard to see what else I could take pictures of, when all of a sudden, a little Red Breasted Nuthatch, flew to the top of the feeder hook, gave me a wary look, flew down to the feeder, watched me for another moment, and then proceeded to go about his business of looking for a yummy sunflower seed.

I stood in the cold, for almost 30 minutes as the wee Nuthatch came and went, getting his morning breakfast. I don't know why they take a seed, fly away and then what? Eat it? Store it? I'm not sure, but even when they are all alone, {as I am spying on them through my bedroom window} they do this. Never taking time to eat the seed while they are there. He continued coming back, about every 3 minutes, as I inched my way closer and closer to the feeder in-between his runs.

I had my 100mm lens on my camera, not my zoom lens. I cropped them a tiny bit to get out the side of the fence, but honestly, in the end, I was only about a foot away from him! I think he liked having me there as that kept the sparrows away from the food {as they are not as brave as him}. The sparrows are always a bit mean to the Nuthatch ~ flying at him when he tries to get a snack. He had free rein to the feeder while I was there.

Jane Hathaway ~ eat your heart out! ;o

Enjoy wee Nuthatch ~ breakfast, lunch and dinner is on me!


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Love it!


beth said...

great photos...
and oh how I love my birds...especially now when they have to come to my feeder and entertain me :)

BeadedTail said...

Wonderful photos! The chickadees always take seed and fly back into a nearby bush to eat their food and I always wonder why.

MedaM said...

What a wonderful post! I completely enjoyed while reading and watching these lovely photos and that cute little bird. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Hot Rocks said...

Just discovered your blog via BeadedTail...your photos are fabulous!

Radka said...

Hello, you have a very nice blog, Have a nice day. Radka. Beuatiful photos.

Jaime said...

For the longest time I wanted to know the name of the sweet little birds I was seeing in the forest that were the most beautiful shade of blue.
They were nuthatches.
I just love them.


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