Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Decorations Part 1

1. Pick a Theme:

For me, ever since I had my very 1st apartment and I put up my very own 1st Christmas tree, I felt one of the most important things about decorating for Christmas was to have a 'theme'. Be it the colors: reds, blues, golds, silvers, etc. or the style: contemporary, traditional, country, etc.

My theme for the last 2 years has been for my tree: reds, silvers and whites. And for around the house I have added in splashes of green.

NOTE: A reminder from last year's 3 post rantings ~ please avoid the tinsel at all cost! Not good for pets and not good for babies!

A Good Christmas

Tarnishing Tinsel

Love of Animals


S. Etole said...

You did just what you set out to ... put a smile on my face and entertained me ... your blog is a great find! Thank you.

kittykye said...

I love the Christmas theme idea. It looks very organized and turns out so pretty.
I've always had more of an eclectic style. Maybe because I've inherited my mother's artsy outlook on design, or maybe I'm just lazy when it comes to decorating ;) It generally comes out somewhat pretty though.
Have you got all your decorations up yet? I was hoping to get ours done this week, but I became ill, so we're postponing until this weekend (we've got outside done, but that's it).
Lastly, I hear ya on the tinsel thing! Hi-larious!

Catherine said...

Indeed ~ all my decorations are up! A full job for a Saturday morning. :)

BeadedTail said...

Pretty decorations and yeah, no tinsel! We choose themes that have special meaning to us whether it be cats or culture or places visited - something to bring other memories into our Christmas memories.

HubbleSpacePaws said...


And good to see a tinsle warning out!! All it took was seeing one kitteh nibble and tinsle was no more!

Of course the next year I had the bright idea to put on popcorn & cranberry chains instead. *sigh* We won't go there... ;-)

I am Cat's Mom said...

Can't wait to be at your house for Christmas!

Sue said...

your photos are just lovely.

MedaM said...

Lovely indeed!

Jaime said...

Hmmm..all this time I didn't think I actually had a theme. Until I got to your last photo and remembered that two years back I developed this complete love for pears...and bought myself some beautiful pears for my tree. So I think I do have a small theme in my decorating...with variations.


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