Saturday, October 3, 2009

Short Lived Excitement

I went to the "Fall Into Christmas" Craft show this morning with my BFF and her sister. I will show you what I bought tomorrow ~ 2 new Christmas Bears! I also bought Banjo a new Catnip bag. The lady selling them said they were "the best" as she ground up all the different herbs herself. She warned me {quite explicitly!!!} about the dangers; if I had small children around, DO NOT let them try to take the bag away from my cat once he got going with it...ummm...I would suggest a 6 month old wouldn't have had any problems taking it away from him. He licked it for about 4 minutes and then ignored it. Honestly...a piece of string from my junk drawer gets better results! Excitement indeed! Though the 'wink' he gives me at the end with his big baby blues gives me joy!


BeadedTail said...

It was fun watching (and listening) to him enjoy his catnip toy! It's a tad too small to bunny kick though!

Jaime said...

That video was adorable! And those blue eyes, oh my!
I have always been fascinated with cats and their crazy behaviour around catnip..what is it about that herb that drives them so mad?!?!


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