Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Depression

Depressed about the forecast
for Thanksgiving weekend ~
Banjo burrows his face into his pillow
deciding there is no reason to get up ~
there will be no playing
in the leaves today ~
too much snow!


beth said...

we actually have snow in our forecast for this weekend....YIKES !

please mother nice and wait a little longer....plleeeeeeaaasssse ????

Claire said...

thank you so much for stopping by... my husband and i have just brought two baby kittens home. we are loving every minute of them.

your cats are beautiful!


kittykye said...

This made my sides hurt from giggling so much. It instantly reminded me of a Garfield cartoon! Poor Banjo, I hope the weather didn't bother him too much.
We had our first big snowfall today ourselves. It's never a 'terrific' sight to see, but there still is something that makes me smile about that first fresh snowfall.


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