Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sask Landing Road Trip - Part 1

So...Stan ditched me for a round of golf this morning...he's lucky I love him so much ~ but I would suggest that he will be making it up to me this evening with a 1 hour back rub...

Am I right ladies???

Anyhoo ~ being the independent woman that I am ~ I jumped in my car ~ grabbed my Timmy's Steeped tea, and headed to the Saskatchewan myself!
First thing ~ two beautiful deer. They were MUCH shyer then the deer we have meandering through the city.
It was so calm and peaceful...
It's kind of nice to be by yourself in all the quietness of nature! this isn't me crying 'cause Wayne dumped me...the ol' allergies started kicking in! And me with out my medication ~ gaak!!!
I was actually surprised these self portraits turned out as well as they did. I didn't think my arms were long enough! ha ha... So imagine 1000 tiny pieces of glass rubbing in your eye...yup...I think that about sums it up!
Well ~ I wasn't going to let a little eye pain stop me. I kept taking pictures. Not that I could really see through the lens.
So many rocks to look little eye sight at that moment...
Obviously some rude Redneck Litter Bugs were out and about at some point...idiots...
I saw a sand cliff {well...perhaps 'cliff' isn't exactly the right word...} that looked sheltered so I thought I would go sit on top of it for a bit.
Mmmm...lovely view indeed.
Hey...I can almost see!
Can you believe I was writing about it being minus 11 Celsius with snow only a few days ago and here I am, digging my toes into the sand at plus 10 Celsius this morning... Though don't get me wrong ~ that sand was COLD! But the opportunity to do it was there ~ so I took it!
So many interesting things on the beach.
I stayed on the beach for almost an hour and then headed over to the park. Those pictures are for tomorrow.

Hope you had a wonderful day ~ whether you spent it with your love ~ or by yourself!


Donna said...

oh those are absolutely wonderful photos! Sask Landing is awesome and to grab the opportunity to be there on a day like today. You are a true photographer. Glad your allergies cleared up a bit.
enjoyed the water pictures the best of course..beautiful!
looking forward to Sunday's photos!

Jaime said...

You live in a beautiful area! And I'm so glad you are getting some warmer, feet-in-the-sand kind of weather.

I totally feel your pain. Right now, as I type this I am trying so hard not to rub my itchy watery eyes..allergies sometimes hit me first thing in the morning, seemingly out of nowhere, and this morning is a bad one!

Lovely photos. :)

BeadedTail said...

Beautiful photos! Sorry you had to endure allergy issues but it looks like it was worth it!


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