Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's Well Fed Feathered Freinds

I would suggest that this wee little bird has been getting it's fair share of the bird seed from my back yard!
This sweet little Nuthatch ~ was being so funny ~ bending upside down and flipping the sunflower seed up before catching it in it's mouth and flying off. They grab a sunflower seed and fly off. Come back, grab another seed and fly off. Perhaps they have a fetish about eating in front of the other birds...?
Lot's of action underneath the feeder!

Hmm...I am thinking Stan's going to be a little miffed come spring about all the sunflower seed shells in his lawn... aah... he'll get over it!

Eat up my friends ~ winter is coming!

And you know there will always be plenty of 'good eats' at my house all winter!


kittykye said...

They are gorgeous birds. I really like the colours in their feathers.
I keep meaning to put up a birdfeeder in the backyard (I even have one, with seed and everything), but I also worry about the mess they make - so I'm undecided where to put it.
I've always thought there's something soothing about watching them... and I especially know Yoko would certainly love it ;)

BeadedTail said...

Birds are so fun to watch! I've never seen one flip a sunflower seed up in the air though - silly bird!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Yes, kittykye is right... well placed a bird feeder would be endless entertainment for the indoor crew!

Jaime said...

Careful you don't end up growing sunflower sprouts in your lawn!!

What a sweet little chubby little bird in that first photo...he's definitely getting more than his fair share.



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