Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Forgotten Color of Fall

I think when everyone gets so caught up in the beautiful colors of gold, yellow, orange and red during the fall season, the browns get over looked. I never used to like the color brown. Brown was the color of mud. Brown was the color of clothes in my mom's closet. Brown was for 'old' people. And as is "The Circle of Life" ~ vast shades of brown now make up a large percentage of the color of my clothes hanging in my closet. (yea yea... I hear you mother...} Brown is all over my house. Of course ~ nothing is simply called 'brown' any more. There are so many different shades to choose from: tan, tawny, taupe, sierra, sienna, sand, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, copper, camel, chestnut, umber, buff...oh and the list goes on and on. So in your travels today, celebrate brown, for it is a beautiful color. After all ~ if it is one of Mother Nature's colors ~ it must be beautiful!


MedaM said...

I like this post of yours. I enjoyed both in reading your article and looking at the photos. Those dry flowers still look beautiful as well as brown color and all its shades. :-)

Hadley Gets Crafty said...

Oh,gorgeous dying flowers!

Anonymous said...

Finally after all these years you are appreciating my colors. I love browns, beiges and cream color. Now perhaps I can borrow from your closet???

Love u........Mom

Jaime said...

What a lovely tribute to brown. And you are so right...it does get overlooked!
It is a wonderful colour..especially in the fall.


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