Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's Well Fed Feathered Freinds

I would suggest that this wee little bird has been getting it's fair share of the bird seed from my back yard!
This sweet little Nuthatch ~ was being so funny ~ bending upside down and flipping the sunflower seed up before catching it in it's mouth and flying off. They grab a sunflower seed and fly off. Come back, grab another seed and fly off. Perhaps they have a fetish about eating in front of the other birds...?
Lot's of action underneath the feeder!

Hmm...I am thinking Stan's going to be a little miffed come spring about all the sunflower seed shells in his lawn... aah... he'll get over it!

Eat up my friends ~ winter is coming!

And you know there will always be plenty of 'good eats' at my house all winter!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


was given yesterday
that the dump of snow from Tuesday
will not be staying

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get Out of There Mister!

What is it about a bed being made
that will bring a cat running
from the farthest corner of the house?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Countdown 'til Christmas Decorations

19 days until I put up my Christmas decorations!!!
Woot woot!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas Cards - Snow Cats & Warm Cats

I made up Lyndsay's cards this morning.
I hope she likes them!
I will be popping them into the mail tomorrow.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Have I told you lately...

Have I told you lately how much I love my cat?


There are so many benefits to having a furry friend:
1. They help to reduce stress and lower blood pressure
2. They provide unconditional love
3. A pet can provide comfort and company in times of loneliness
4. They help build up the immune system in children
5. Seniors with pets Doctor less often

Well...I can go on and on.

And if you are ever looking for a pet ~ please ~ consider your local animal shelter first rather than the franchised pet stores or specialty breeders. There are so many cats and dogs that are homeless and need a loving place to live. If you want a special breed of cat or dog, just let the shelter know and they will contact you when one comes in. They may not have their 'papers' to prove their heritage, but the joy and love they bring you will be priceless!

Swift Current's Local SPCA

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

And the winner is...

Well actually...I have two winners! And there's a bit of a story to it so I shall make you suffer for a moment longer before telling you who won.

So I was sitting in my computer room last night and yelled out to Wayne {who was sitting in the living room watching "Sports Net"... so there was my first mistake...}:

Me: Hey Wayne ~ pick a number from 1 through 15 inclusive.

Wayne: What?

Me (louder):
Pick a number from 1 through 15 inclusive.

Wayne: Why?

Me: 'Cause I volunteered you to make the draw for the winner of my 500th post.

Wayne: Oh...13.

Me (to myself - scrolling down my comment list): 13... 13.... hmmm... oh oh...

Me: You can't pick 13!

Wayne: You told me to pick a number from 1 through 15...not 1 through 15 but not 13!

Me: I know but 13 is my mom and she's not eligible! Come on...pick another number.

Wayne (big sigh): 6

Me (to myself - scrolling down my comment list): 6... hmm... Hey... it's Lyndsay from Ontario a.k.a KittyKye a.k.a "
The Crazy Cat Lady" blog! Right on! Gee... I should have made Christmas cards with my cat stamps. I bet she would like those since she is a fellow cat lover such as myself and is doing my future aspiration of being a Foster Kitty Mom. Hmmm...I think I will make her some special Christmas cat cards with my Christmas cat stamps. Yes indeed. I hope she's OK with that.
Me (to Wayne): Hey...pick another number!

Wayne: What? What's wrong with that number now?

Me: Nothing. I just decided to have two winners.

Wayne: I'm trying to watch the sports scores here!!!! (sigh...) 10!

Thanks Wayne... love you...

Wayne: Yea yea love you too...

Me (to myself): Hmmm...put a little enthusiasm into that when you say it Stanley... Ok... 10... 10... 10... Hey! Barb from Saskatchewan! Fun!

So there you have it! If you two ladies ~ Lyndsay and Barb ~ want to send me your mailing addresses via I shall send you out your cards and you can get started on your Christmas card mailing list! {Lindsay ~ I will make your cards this weekend, post a picture of them Sunday night and get them into the mail to you by Monday. Hope you like them!}

Thanks so much to everyone who played!

P.S. That was hard to not post anything for 3 days! ha ha!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Post #499 - Win a Prize!

Here I am ~ post #499! I started this blog on June 15, 2008 ~ 491 days ago!

I either have a lot to say or need to 'get a life'! Ha ha! ;-)

I have seen quite a few bloggers celebrate their 'big numbers' with give-a-ways. I wanted to get into the action as well!

So ~ want to get started on your Christmas card send out list?

If you are interested in winning this set of 4 Christmas cards I made this weekend ~ leave a comment in the comment field below this post by 6:00 pm (Saskatchewan Time!), Wednesday, October 21/09 and I will draw from the names and send them to the winner! (I'll have my hubby choose a number from 1 to the highest comment number ~ won't he be thrilled to help? ha ha!)

Whether you are a follower, faithful reader, pop in once a week, or this is your first time looking at my blog! It doesn't matter!
In your comment ~ tell me:
1) Your first name {or your blog site}
2) What province or state or country you are from
3) What is one thing you are really good at?
4) What is one thing you would like to learn?

{Note: Don't have a google account to put in a comment? Just sign is as "Anonymous" but make sure you put the above information!}

By 7:00 am, Thursday, October 22/09 I will announce the winner on post #500 ~ giving you my e-mail address so that you can send me your mailing address in order for me to send you your cards!
Click on the pictures to see the details: "Let it Snow" & "Gingerbread Men"

Good Luck!

I'll be back on Thursday morning to let you know who the winner is!

Sask Landing Road Trip - Part 2

Finishing off yesterday's road trip ~ I will share with you Wayne's joke that he insists on telling every time he sees a similar site below:

"When geese are flying, why is one side of the "v" always longer then the other?"

"Because there's more geese in it!!"

Ha ha ha... You are hil-ar-e-ass Stanley!
View from the front of where I was standing...
View from the back...
Down off a duck...or a goose...hmmm...what's the difference do you think?
I was covered in these burrs by the time I was done. They hurt!
While as this was super soft!

And thus ends my trip to the Saskatchewan Landing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sask Landing Road Trip - Part 1

So...Stan ditched me for a round of golf this morning...he's lucky I love him so much ~ but I would suggest that he will be making it up to me this evening with a 1 hour back rub...

Am I right ladies???

Anyhoo ~ being the independent woman that I am ~ I jumped in my car ~ grabbed my Timmy's Steeped tea, and headed to the Saskatchewan myself!
First thing ~ two beautiful deer. They were MUCH shyer then the deer we have meandering through the city.
It was so calm and peaceful...
It's kind of nice to be by yourself in all the quietness of nature! this isn't me crying 'cause Wayne dumped me...the ol' allergies started kicking in! And me with out my medication ~ gaak!!!
I was actually surprised these self portraits turned out as well as they did. I didn't think my arms were long enough! ha ha... So imagine 1000 tiny pieces of glass rubbing in your eye...yup...I think that about sums it up!
Well ~ I wasn't going to let a little eye pain stop me. I kept taking pictures. Not that I could really see through the lens.
So many rocks to look little eye sight at that moment...
Obviously some rude Redneck Litter Bugs were out and about at some point...idiots...
I saw a sand cliff {well...perhaps 'cliff' isn't exactly the right word...} that looked sheltered so I thought I would go sit on top of it for a bit.
Mmmm...lovely view indeed.
Hey...I can almost see!
Can you believe I was writing about it being minus 11 Celsius with snow only a few days ago and here I am, digging my toes into the sand at plus 10 Celsius this morning... Though don't get me wrong ~ that sand was COLD! But the opportunity to do it was there ~ so I took it!
So many interesting things on the beach.
I stayed on the beach for almost an hour and then headed over to the park. Those pictures are for tomorrow.

Hope you had a wonderful day ~ whether you spent it with your love ~ or by yourself!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Finally Friday

it's been a long week
friday is finally here
i scheduled a
drive with my love
drink some Timmy's
photo shoot
for tomorrow
i need some inspiration
i feel 'tapped out' this week
this is post number 496
in the spirit of other bloggers
i will be celebrating post number 500
with a 'give-a-way'
stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

People in my head...

Space in my head is at a premium... prime real estate you might say. I have no room for people that aren't worth keeping in there. It would be a beautiful world if everyone was 'nice' ~ but not everyone is.


Only 'sunshiny' people allowed in...

GAAAKK!! Does that sound crazy ~ or do you know what I mean?!?!

... ahhh... sigh... that feels better... sorry for my ranting... thanks for listening... blogger friends are such good listeners! :-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Depression

Depressed about the forecast
for Thanksgiving weekend ~
Banjo burrows his face into his pillow
deciding there is no reason to get up ~
there will be no playing
in the leaves today ~
too much snow!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Pictures - Drizzly Day Photo Shoot - Part 2

It's minus 11 degrees Celsius with snow on the ground this morning. It's hard to believe that these pictures are from only 5 days ago!

Happy Friday everyone!


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