Sunday, September 6, 2009

Random Pictures: Early Sunday Morning

People always ask me why I get up so early...hmm...I wonder...
You can see some of the prettiest skies early in the morning...
One should always chase a rainbow when you see it
Sometimes you are lucky enough to see both sides...

A lonely old house with no one to love it...

If I had a barn like that ~ I would have myself a cat ~
not one ~ not two ~ not three ~ not four ~
I would have so many more!

Two rabbits that must be someones pets as they didn't run away when I came close to them and they are a unique calico color. One huge one (bigger than Banjo I believe) and one little one. Wayne says he has seen them quite often just outside a fence behind someones house on 11th St. They are quite often "doing the nasty"... if you know what I mean... ummm... I think that is TMI Wayne! So ~ who ever owns these rabbits ~ I would suggest you catch them soon!

This car I actually took a picture of yesterday morning on our way to Medicine Hat ~ just outside of Tompkins. I always think it looks interesting. Wayne stopped for me so that I could take a picture. I would have gotten closer but the barbwire fence and heard of cattle led me to the sound judgement of staying on the other side!


beth said...

your photos are wonderful !!!
that car is amazing !!

Donna said...

I agree with Beth, that car is pretty cool! you definitely have a knack for photography irregardless of the camera itself you have an eye! {jealous}. Enjoying all the pictures you have been playing around with. Have a good labour day Monday.


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