Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now That's Funny!

There are certain stories and jokes that my boys and I tell to each other over and over again. Each time, the story gets exaggerated just a little bit more, the punch line gets a little more dramatic, but each time it's said, we all laugh and laugh as if it's the first time it's been heard. I think sometimes if an outsider was sitting with us at our kitchen table, they would think we were all very insensitive to each other's feelings. But we're not. That's how we show our love for each other - through our humour. Honestly, if I didn't like or were indifferent to you, I wouldn't tease you! {With that said, don't get worried if I only give you a simple 'hello' in the hallway at work today instead of a quick tease... it's probably not because I don't like you... sometimes I simply don't have time to be funny... or is it...??? ha ha ha...}

The following are some of our main staples - at least a couple of times a month {warning - we use the word 'ass' a lot in our family, so if that offends you, please don't read any further}:

After sharing what I think is a funny story: Kurtis: "You are sooo hil-ar-e-ass." Me: "I don't have a harry ass... do I Wayne?" Wayne: "Not the last time I checked." {insert all three of us laughing here}

Eating anything with warm cheese Wayne will purposely leave a long string of it hanging from his mouth and sit there until either Kurtis or I notice it. Kurtis usually notices it first. Kurtis: "Mom... look." Me: "No... I'm not looking." Wayne: "Hey Catherine... " Me: "I'm not looking... " Kurtis: "Mom... dad has something he wants to show you." Me: "I'M NOT LOOKING!" Wayne: "Hey Catherine..." Me: Finally looking at him... "You stupid ass." {insert all three of us laughing here}

Upon sitting for too long one of us will say, "My ass is sore." One of us will reply, "Mine too. I think I need a new one 'cause this one has a hole and a crack in it." {insert all three of us laughing here}

So as I always say, when you come to our house for a visit ~ please leave your pride at the door 'cause if you can't laugh at yourself ~ you don't belong here....! Hmmm.... perhaps that's why we don't get many visitors to our house! ;-)


Rob said...

Hmm, that sounds about right! It's cool that you guys can joke around like that with each other. :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG, if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at. I appreciate this one cuz that is as bad as our house, luv it....Michele


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