Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Is Here Again

Friday is here again.

It doesn't matter what kind of a week you've had ~ Friday eventually shows up. No matter what is happening in our lives ~ there is still only 24 hours in a day ~ 7 days in a week. Life keeps rolling on ~ because it has to. I think we often forget to take one moment - one day - at a time. We often forget to breath as we anticipate what will happen next. The 'what if 's get in our way.

Things always get better ~ they always do. Not how you necessarily plan them ~ but they do get better. That's life.

Sending love and good thoughts to anyone that needs it today.

If you need it - take it.

If you don't - give it.

It's good for the karma.


Donna said...

thank you for this post Catherine! well said!

Anonymous said...

I like this post too....great words.

katrina lauren said...

thank you my friend! so true and so what i need to remember....
you have been so good to me!


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