Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can't Live Without - LOVE LOVE LOVE

Besides my family and friends {goes without saying} ~ there are five things I LOVE LOVE LOVE Can't Live Without! Well... of course I COULD live without them ~ but it is so much nicer having them. They are: Cereal ~ I think if I had to live on only one food for the rest of my life ~ I would choose cereal. Not like 'fruit loops' or anything like that. But the really good for you, 'eat a tree' kind of cereal that sticks with you the whole day! mmmmm.... love it!
Fall ~ Love the fall! My favorite season. How lovely it is to once again wear long-sleeved shirts to hide those 'grandma Oakley' arms! {errr... sorry grandma... love you... hate that I inherited from the 'big armed' gene pool...}
My Craft Room ~ Oh what joy of hours spent in my craft room ~ organizing, reorganizing and crafting while watching movies!
Nature ~ Love the birds, love the rabbits, love the stray cats, love the deer, and on and on and on.

My Camera and Computer ~ Which I thought would not be as fun to show as a beautiful rain kissed flower! Love all 3 of my cameras ~ love my computer... though I haven't seen it for 4 weeks as it has been in and out of the computer store 4 times now! {Honestly... all I wanted was a simple upgrade of RAM and it has now been one thing after another... sigh...!} But thank goodness for the laptop ~ though limited in my photo editing abilities! Very materialistic I know {shame on me} ~ but they still really do bring me joy!

So there you go ~ those are my 5 most enjoyable things!

Is there any thing you are particularly loving right now?


Donna said...

sun kissed flower is awesome! those are 5 enjoyable fav's and I agree that fall is the most enjoyable season we have. I am happy to go back to longer sleeved tops as well. {My big Ukrainian farm girl arms that I inherited from my Mom's side of the family can now be slimmed down with long sleeves}
I hope you get your computer issues fixed soon {frustrating}
Have a good Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Please come organize my space to look like yours Martha....... I am in love with coffee and wine which I have been told is mother's crack and heroin or vice versa one gets you going and the other mellows you out I guess.


kittykye said...

I am definitely very much on par with all of the favourites you listed. One thing that comes to mind that I may add is: "A strong cup of espresso, with a good book, in a jazz café, on a cool rainy day" - Something that really soothes the soul.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, five wonderfuls! I'm new to loving cereal... never a fan until I got a bowl of the good stuff from a friend. Yay fall.. my fav season, too. I am insanely jealous of both your craft room and your talent with the camera. Can you come teach me how to do both? And I, too, am lost w/o my computer! ;-)

Jaime said...

Wow...what an amazing craft room you have! An open space to be creative and playful.
I'm with you on the other four things. And cereal...I haven't had mine yet (I love my cereal) and I am starving!

Must go eat something...


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