Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sleepless in Swift Current - True Love

I have said before - I go through bouts of insomnia. I fell asleep at around 9:00 pm last night (my usual time) and woke up at 10:32 pm... I'm still awake. (It's 3:42 am as I finish this post) I laid in bed as long as I could but I get to the point that I may as well get up and do something! So get up I did and as I wait for the kettle to boil to make myself a cup of tea - I will share with you a funny conversation (at least I think it's funny!!!) that I had with Wayne the other day.

First a refresher: if you don't know/can't remember my story from my childhood about me always having to play the part of the plain, short-haired, doesn't get to wear anything sexy, Sabrina a.k.a. Kate Jackson from Charlie's Angels while playing with my childhood girl friends - please refer to post "Hot Girls".

So, Saturday night, after I got home from a lovely shopping trip to Medicine Hat {all by myself, no boys allowed}, Wayne was humouring me - once again - driving me around the countryside looking for "photo ops". I was telling him how excited I was for my first rainy day of holidays as I had treated myself and purchased all four seasons {seemed like there was more then just four seasons} of The Partridge Family TV Series DVD's. I shared with him my love of Keith Partridge {oh that hair...!!!} when I was younger {not that he hasn't heard my confession of love for David Cassidy before} and I told him about how Brigitte {my BFF} and I were trying to explain to Katrina {my protege} about how we were traumatized in our youth from playing particular childhood games.

My scaring of course - never getting to play the part of the sexier Jill (Farah Fawcett Majors) or Kelly (Jacklin Smith) and Brigitte's, always being left with Haas {the missing tooth, ten gallon hat wearing, couple sandwiches short of a picnic basket, brother from the TV series Bonanza} while her two older sisters got the more handsome Adam and Little Joe as their 'boyfriends'. {What can we say...there is just some events from your childhood that get deep under your skin and you just can't let it go...even after 30 - 40 years!!!}.

So that lead to the following conversation with Wayne as we were touring the countryside. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "And so we had to google a picture to show Katrina who Haas was from Bonanza as she's too young to know who he is and we were laughing at his ten gallon hat." Me laughing hysterically..."Isn't that funny?"

Wayne: "Uh yeah...hilarious..."

Me: "So who did you have the 'hots' for when you were younger?"

"I don't know." {Looking around, seeking desperately for something for me to take a picture of to distract me from this conversation.}

Me: "Laurie Partridge?"
Wayne: "Too skinny."

Me: "Marcia Brady?"
Wayne: "Hardly."

Me: "Jennie from I Dream of Jennie?"
Wayne: "No."

Me: "Daisy Duke from Dukes of Hazzard?"

Wayne: "No."

Me: "Chrissy from Three's Company?"
Wayne: "No."

"Barbara Cooper from One Day at a Time?"

Wayne: sigh..."No"

Me: "Tootie from The Facts of Life?"

Wayne: response...just a look at me that for all intents and purposes asks 'are you on crack??'...

And as I am quietly going through the "TV Shows from the 70's" Rolodex in my mind {as I like to keep all that important stuff in my head...}...Wayne turns to me and says: "Actually...I was always partial to Kate Jackson's character from Charlie's Angels..."


That's why I love you.....!!!

Wow...the man certainly has learned over the years how to shut me up and humour me! ;-)

NOTE: All the pictures in this post are obviously not my own. I found them on google images and are from the applicable show's media publicity.


Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!


Anonymous said...

Your are just too cute. I love you!!!! your Mom

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious Catherine, especially since I recently watched some Charlie Angel reruns and thought that Kate Jackson must have been a size zero on that show. And Wayne thinks Susan Dey was too skinny? He could put his hands around Kate Jackson's waist and his fingers would touch! You guys need to watch some reruns! ;-)



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