Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Post For Angela

I have a friend (and one of my most loyal readers!) who hasn't been feeling very well the last couple of weeks. She is a super hard worker, has never missed a day of work up until now, is always busy doing something, doesn't really watch TV... (honestly are you supposed to keep up on the celebrity gossip if you don't watch 'trash TV'???) and is finding it very hard to lay still and not move... (funny...I've been on holidays for 3 weeks and could easily stay laying in my bed, with my lap top, watching TV, never getting dressed... if only Wayne would move a small bar fridge in to our bedroom so I could have some snacks near by...!!!...hmmm...) Her and I have had some great conversations over the years, most of it being her laughing at my stories ~ 'cause she thinks I'm funny! :-)

She seems to get the most laughs out of my stories about Kurtis. Such as when I told her that this year Kurtis went to the Dollar Store for my mother's day gift and asked his dad if he wanted to 'go halfsies' with him...!!! the Dollar Store!!!... honestly...can you imagine?...tsk... Not to mention that I had just went with him a week before that to the jewelry store (J-E-W-E-L-R-Y STORE...) to help him pick out a necklace for his girlfriend as they were celebrating their 6 month anniversary!!!!! Geeawwd!!! sigh.... it sucks to become #2 in your beloved son's life...the son you went through 31 hours of pain to give life to...

It's people like her that swell my head and keep me on a role as I will say and do most anything if it will make someone smile and laugh ~ which ~ as they say ~ is 'good medicine'. So I am very happy you have been able to peek in at my blog every day and hope that I am helping to entertain you a bit ~ as
of course ~ I tease ~ I totally understand the difference between choosing not to move compared to being unable to move and so it is with my most hopefully heart that I send out to you all my good thoughts and love and wish you a speedy recovery so that you are up and 'back at it' very soon! Take care!

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Anonymous said...

I too have gotten tremendous enjoyment, smiles, and laughter from your stories while I have been on sick leave. I love that the way you do your posts is so exactly like you would tell your story in person!



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