Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My New Lens

I bought myself a new lens (Canon EF-S18-200mm f/3.6-5.6 IS) on Saturday and tried it out Sunday and Monday afternoon.

I went to the back of the golf course and had just missed Wayne playing golf so I tested my lens on some unsuspecting golfer...who I 'flowered' out! You can just barely make out the flag in the top picture at 18mm - zoom in to 200mm - there it is!!! Hmmm...next Sunday morning I will go out a little earlier and see if I can get pictures of Wayne 'in action'. My Wayne does love his golfing...

A drive around in the country can always
find some hawks if nothing else.

This guy (girl?) was keeping a very watchful eye on me
- not wanting me to get too close.

These two were high up on a telephone pole and I think it
was a male and female and oh man...
they did not appreciate me being there let me tell you!
They were squawking at me from the moment I got out of the truck.

I am thinking they were trying to guard their nest that was way down below in a valley. If you click on this picture - you can just barely make out a baby hawk sitting outside the nest. I think I will go out some evening this week and see if I can get a little closer...without getting my eyes pecked out from mama and papa hawk! I was wearing sandals and could only climb down so far without slipping. Wouldn't of that been nice? Me rolling down the hill!! Cell phone in the truck that is running at the side of a quiet country road!

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