Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home For The Holidays...

Sounds like a line from a Christmas song - no? I'm actually referring to the fact that I have had 3 weeks off and that I didn't go anywhere except for Saskatoon, Medicine Hat, Regina and Moose Jaw... oh yeah... and Mortlach! But I am very OK with that because the fact is ~ I love staying home. I have never been one to want to travel ~ not yet anyways. You know my travel motto: "If you can't get there by don't need to go!" I don't like flying ~ it just doesn't feel right to me. Putting your life in the hands of some pilot you don't even know, thousands of feet up in the air... (Yes yes... I know the statistics ~ it's safer to fly then to drive ~ but that does not bring me comfort!) I have taken a plane 4 times to travel for work. I had anxiety from the time I left until the time I got home. That tends to put a damper on anything you may be doing while being away.

One day... I may (maaaayyyy.... might... perhaps... but don't really care enough that my heart would be broken if I never did...) be convinced to take a plane again to go to the East Coast. I have it in my head that I want to go sit in a pub in Newfoundland with the locals, stay in small, unique towns along the way and basically see the sites of East Canada.

But until that time, I am perfectly content staying at home for my holidays, to putter around the house, go on little day trips (as there really is lots to see in Saskatchewan if you choose to go looking...) and never straying from the 3 Prairie Provinces.

So as I start my last 3 days of holidays this morning, I shall enjoy the fact that my family is here with me, healthy and happy, and that life is good! What more does a gal need? :-)

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katrina lauren said...

I love that photo Catherine!
So great....has a cottage feel to me!
Glad you are enjoying your holidays...I don't like flying much either, though feel that my dislike isn't quite as strong as yours....
happy holidays


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