Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Morning Tea

what sunday morning better spent
than with a cup of tea
sitting on your patio
as the last little bits of summer
but worse
your last day of summer holidays
nears to it's end

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sunflower Seed Nippers

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Post For Angela

I have a friend (and one of my most loyal readers!) who hasn't been feeling very well the last couple of weeks. She is a super hard worker, has never missed a day of work up until now, is always busy doing something, doesn't really watch TV... (honestly are you supposed to keep up on the celebrity gossip if you don't watch 'trash TV'???) and is finding it very hard to lay still and not move... (funny...I've been on holidays for 3 weeks and could easily stay laying in my bed, with my lap top, watching TV, never getting dressed... if only Wayne would move a small bar fridge in to our bedroom so I could have some snacks near by...!!!...hmmm...) Her and I have had some great conversations over the years, most of it being her laughing at my stories ~ 'cause she thinks I'm funny! :-)

She seems to get the most laughs out of my stories about Kurtis. Such as when I told her that this year Kurtis went to the Dollar Store for my mother's day gift and asked his dad if he wanted to 'go halfsies' with him...!!! the Dollar Store!!!... honestly...can you imagine?...tsk... Not to mention that I had just went with him a week before that to the jewelry store (J-E-W-E-L-R-Y STORE...) to help him pick out a necklace for his girlfriend as they were celebrating their 6 month anniversary!!!!! Geeawwd!!! sigh.... it sucks to become #2 in your beloved son's life...the son you went through 31 hours of pain to give life to...

It's people like her that swell my head and keep me on a role as I will say and do most anything if it will make someone smile and laugh ~ which ~ as they say ~ is 'good medicine'. So I am very happy you have been able to peek in at my blog every day and hope that I am helping to entertain you a bit ~ as
of course ~ I tease ~ I totally understand the difference between choosing not to move compared to being unable to move and so it is with my most hopefully heart that I send out to you all my good thoughts and love and wish you a speedy recovery so that you are up and 'back at it' very soon! Take care!

Enjoying the Sunshine

Banjo doesn't get outside very often
~ but when he does ~ he enjoys it!
So as I washed the outside windows,
he relaxed and soaked up the sun!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home For The Holidays...

Sounds like a line from a Christmas song - no? I'm actually referring to the fact that I have had 3 weeks off and that I didn't go anywhere except for Saskatoon, Medicine Hat, Regina and Moose Jaw... oh yeah... and Mortlach! But I am very OK with that because the fact is ~ I love staying home. I have never been one to want to travel ~ not yet anyways. You know my travel motto: "If you can't get there by don't need to go!" I don't like flying ~ it just doesn't feel right to me. Putting your life in the hands of some pilot you don't even know, thousands of feet up in the air... (Yes yes... I know the statistics ~ it's safer to fly then to drive ~ but that does not bring me comfort!) I have taken a plane 4 times to travel for work. I had anxiety from the time I left until the time I got home. That tends to put a damper on anything you may be doing while being away.

One day... I may (maaaayyyy.... might... perhaps... but don't really care enough that my heart would be broken if I never did...) be convinced to take a plane again to go to the East Coast. I have it in my head that I want to go sit in a pub in Newfoundland with the locals, stay in small, unique towns along the way and basically see the sites of East Canada.

But until that time, I am perfectly content staying at home for my holidays, to putter around the house, go on little day trips (as there really is lots to see in Saskatchewan if you choose to go looking...) and never straying from the 3 Prairie Provinces.

So as I start my last 3 days of holidays this morning, I shall enjoy the fact that my family is here with me, healthy and happy, and that life is good! What more does a gal need? :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Enjoyable Day in Moose Jaw

Our trip to Moose Jaw on Saturday was so much fun! Lots of talking, lots of laughing and we even managed to make a little time for shopping and eating! {We forced ourselves ~ ha!}

Katrina and I walked around with our cameras, we tried not to look too much like tourists...hopefully our British accents threw them off...ha ha ha!

We can both now say we have been to Mortlach, Saskatchewan. Now we never need to stop there again!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Wonderful Week

Oh the joy of still having one more week of holidays... I can not express it in words at all! I plan on doing a lot this week... {or perhaps...not so much}. I am hoping my desktop computer is done today or tomorrow {more speed and power please!!!!}. I haven't had it since last Tuesday. Thank goodness for my lap top... I would feel lost without a computer ~ {sad but true} ~ but I am limited as to the photos I can download onto it due to space. As soon as I get it back, I can share the photos I took from my trip to Moose Jaw on Saturday with Miss K!
And with that ~ I am off to drink my tea, eat my yogurt with berries and then head down to my craft room. Have a lovely day whether you are working today or lucky enough to be off like me!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back Yard Action on a Sunday

If you sit quietly in your back yard
without too much movement
enjoying your Sunday morning tea
wildlife action is sure to happen...

Hey bird...quit wasting those seeds...
no wonder I have to constantly fill
your bird feeder...

He/She is on the other side of the feeder
seeds flying everywhere
looking for the sunflower seeds
sorting through the undesirable seeds...
~ silly bird ~

Not to worry
the Doves and the Sparrows
will clean up after you!
Hey little finch...
too shy to get in on the action?

Poor Banjo...
Always watching the world
from the inside out ~
Two rabbits...
one brave ~ the other one ~ not so much

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enjoyable Saturday

Getting ready to leave for Moose Jaw with my friend Katrina. We are taking our cameras and going to stop where ever we want to stop to take pictures, go to all the unique stores down town, have a lovely lunch, do a bit of shopping and basically do just what we feel like doing! I am looking very forward to it!

Hope you are all doing something special today too!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Morning Dew

The early morning dew created the most beautiful droplets of water on the grass this morning. I switched to my macro lens and went in for the shot. I was a cold, dirty, wet mess by the time I was done this morning at 7 am - meanwhile - hoping that my neighbours didn't come out of their houses as I was still in my pajamas - laying flat out on the grass to take these pictures! I'm sure I was a site - but I think it was worth it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lucky in Love

I was going to save this until our wedding anniversary - but you shouldn't wait to tell people you love them should you. No indeed! So here it is - my "Lucky" video. Music by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat. And as you can tell, I'm no Walt Disney - but it was a fun putting it together!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Banjo's Getting Skinny!

I had Banjo to the vet yesterday for a weigh in. He's down to 19 1/2 lbs! I can hardly believe he used to be over 30 lbs! His last weigh in was December 9/08 - see Evolution of Banjo - where he was down to 21 3/4 lbs. Good job Banjo! You look marvelous!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cozy Sunday

It is cool and rainy today! (It sadly feels so much like fall today - eek!) I am making myself another mug of tea, having a hot bath, get dressed into something comfy cozy, and crawling under a warm fuzzy blanket to watch a movie. If you are having the same kind of dreary day and have the luxury to do so, I suggest you follow my lead... :-) Have a great Sunday either way!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saskatchewan Back Roads: The End

Saskatchewan Back Roads: The Pelicans

According to my "Saskatchewan Birds by Alan Smith" book {and I quote}: "Saskatchewan hosts one-quarter of the world's American White Pelicans population."

Look what you learned today! Hmmm... I am thinking someone should let those Pelicans know that they are simply sitting in a rain pond in the middle of some farmer's field. No fish to be found there! Perhaps they are just having a rest on their way to the Saskatchewan Landing.


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