Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Thought - Be Different

I was never really one to 'follow the crowd'. Even as a teenager it never bothered me to be the only one at the party not drinking or doing the 'Mary Jane Whanna'. Except for about 8 months when I was around 16 that I did a couple of things 'out of character' {sorry to be a pain mom...}, I think I was a pretty good kid. While a few of my girlfriends were sneaking out of their bedroom windows at night to drive around, drink beer and party with boys, listening to AC DC and Nazareth 8 Track Tapes {8 Tracks!!! OMG - how old am I???}, I was in my bedroom reading, writing, drawing and singing to Karen Carpenter records...or...dare I admit it...Olivia Newton John...alright...let me get it all out...or even Anne Murray...{ I was a bit of a nerd...}

I still have that inner dweeb in me. I've read all the Harry Potter books, love all the Star Wars movies, enjoy musicals, love to craft, love reading, could happily become known as the 'cat lady' when I get older {much older...}, love watching birds, can still belt out all the words to songs that I sang from the mid-70's to late 80's, and still have a secret desire {not so secret now I guess...} to write a Nancy Drew book...

So for anyone that has ever felt 'different' ~ this post is for you today ~ I declare Friday, July 31, 2009 as the day to come to terms with your inner 'quirkiness'!!!! Re
cognize and celebrate what makes you special and be thankful that you are who you are! Show it off and have a super great day being yourself!

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Anonymous said...

And as your Mother, I can only thank you for who you were, who you have become and who I know you will be in the future. You are my special child. I love you!!!!!


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