Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pretty? Pretty Ugly!

OK... first let me get this out of my system... EEEEEKKK.... EEWWW... BLAH... YUUUUCCCCKKKK.... YEEEEE... GET IN THE HOUSE!!!!!! (shiver) Can you tell that I'm having anxiety posting these pictures? You should have seen me last night! Gak!

So..I was out in my garden last night, practicing with my camera, happily minding my own business taking pictures of a yellow flower when all of a sudden...the yellow flower moved! Imagine my horror when I realized I was eye to eye to eye to eye to eye to eye to...(I'm thinking you get my meaning!) with this crazy looking yellow spider!

I just had my regular 18 - 55 mm lens on with the above picture and so I ran into the house to grab my macro lens and courageously came back outside.

It took every ounce of strength I had not to go running back into the house and hide in my closet. But I bravely moved in a little closer - took a few more pictures - moved a few different angles - and prayed that this beastly thing would not all of a sudden decide to jump at me!! Don't get me wrong, I can squish a Daddy Long Legs spider, a bitty Black Beetle or a Maple Bug in a kleenex with the best of them...but this...this thing was just pure evil looking...

How many freaking eyes does a spider have anyways???

Hey - but look! Web coming out it's butt! That's kind of cool!

And I guess it did kill a pesky fly... and everything has to eat... and it is I guess quite a pretty yellow... and it's just trying to make it's way in the world like the rest of us...

Nope...still gross........!

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Anonymous said...

I too am terrified of spiders, but these pictures are amazing!!! I can see you are having lots of fun with your new camera!



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