Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Bugs Today!

It was Wayne's annual Golf & BBQ party yesterday. As I do not golf (I would rather stick toothpicks under my fingernails thank you very much...) I sat up in the club house taking pictures as everyone came in. After supper, a baby bird decided to perch on the prizes while it waited for it's momma to come feed him! Cute little baby - please do not poop on the prizes!
So here's what I learned with this one...when you have a new camera and you want - need - to get the picture - put it in auto rather than manual!!!! GRRR!!!!!!!!! I'm so mad at myself!
Sorry National employees! I let you down!
The baby bird didn't stray too far from the deck all evening.
He waited in the flower pot for awhile...but I found him!
Poor little guy! More supper please!

Ok little bird - one more picture and then I will leave you alone!

Smile For The Birdie!!!! :-)

1 comment:

Donna said...

ha! I would rather golf than stick toothpicks under my fingernails..but that is just me! you are too hilarious. funny funny post.


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