Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where's the sun?

There is rain in the forecast again for today
My garden needs some sun
While the rain still seems to encourage the weeds to grow
{what's up with that?}
The posies don't seem to follow their lead
{why is it only the weeds that continue to grow in the rain?}
It's all so depressing......


Brandi said...

Love your back yard!! Shelby and I do not have a knack for gardens and we really need to fix our front yard and were thinking of doing a rock garden so now I know who to ask for Help :) I need more than help I need a fairy god mother grant me a front yard make over
Anyway very nice yard...looks very peaceful. very enjoyable I bet

Diane said...

Catherine, your beautiful yard has inspired me. I've been planning and working non-stop since reading this blog.

We've had no rain and the weeds are the only thing growing. You just can't win!


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