Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A New Addiction

I have been contemplating for the last couple of months, the idea of turning my blog into a hard copy book - a coffee table book. I downloaded a program from blurb this morning and 'slurped' the contents of my blog into it. It took about 15 minutes (all those pictures!!!). Now comes the fun part: editing, rearranging, choosing colors, text styles, borders...and the list goes on. I spent over an hour on it this morning...I'm done my 1st page....I have approximately 300 pages to go!?!! There's too many choices for a person like me!

I told Wayne that I think I need to quit work so that I could devote more time to my book. He told me to go ahead and hand in my resignation today and that we would live off the proceeds that I make from selling my book...hmmm... OK Stanley...I detect a little sarcasm in there... :-(

It's not to sell my book {who would want a hard copy of someone's blog when they can read it on-line for free...except perhaps my mother...oops...now my mom knows what she's getting for Christmas...Merry Christmas mom!} It's to have a historical copy of my blood, sweat and tears from a year of blogging to sit on my coffee table so that guests {and we get so many guests at our house let me tell you...} can pick it up, thumb through it and be amazed at my creativity! {Hmmm...I hope they don't bend the pages...perhaps I will get all the pages laminated...} Anyhoo - my point being - I don't think Stan gets it...

Stanley a.k.a. Wayne - his middle name - used when teasing him and when I need to make Katrina laugh... :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh I would be so happy to receive your Blog Book for Xmas. What a wonderful gift. I can take it down south with me and make all my Yuma friends look to see just how talented and creative you are. I love you lots!!!!!!!

cheryl said...

Stop it.....I want to be you when I grow up and do all the wonderful creative things you do , but I just can't keep up lol
I musst learn to control myself

Cass said...

I put my beginning-2008 blog entries into a fabulous blurb book (love it!) and will keep archiving and printing out new books for each year! It's an awesome program so happy tinkering with all your posts/layouts/photos!


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