Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Fox

I got a tip from a friend {thanks Rob!} about a little fox family not far from town. We drove out there this evening {obviously your directions were fine Rob! Ha ha} and sure enough, one little one 'hammed' it up for us. {I will post a short video tomorrow.} By the slight grin on his {her?} little face, you just know he knows how adorable he is!



Anonymous said...

Oh it is soooooo cute. Do you remember when your Dad brought home all the little foxes from the golf course? Love you lots!!! Mom

katrina lauren said...

Great photos! so so cute! I just love little foxes!

Anonymous said...

How cute is that little fox?!?!?! Baby animals are the sweetest! We have 2 week old kittens in our home and they are just starting to walk around and play...oh so cute!!!


Brandi said...

that is so cute how this little fox thinks he is all that and more. he is thinking "that is right cahterine take in all my cuteness" LOL


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