Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why Does Negative Eclipse Positive?

Some days it's hard to see the positives
Too many negatives get in the way
I felt like I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning
I don't even really know what that means
Not really
I woke up - on my own side of the bed - at 2:12 am
Unable to get back to sleep
I got up and made myself a mug of tea
Discombobulated as to why I was feeling so melancholy
I sat down at my computer
I thought for certain
Visiting some of my favorite blog sites
Would dispel some of the funk I was feeling
While it helped {"itty bitty kitty committee" always brings me joy}
I was still in a mood when I arrived at work
Throughout the day
A few things - very minor things now that I reflect on it
Got in my way of having a good day
But as I sit here now
Reflecting back
I bring to my mind
The things that were over shadowed by my mood:
~ My first mug of tea this morning
~ Lunch out with a dear friend
~ A good belly laugh at...errr..with my protege {watch for this on tomorrow's post}
~ A walk-a-bout of my garden after work
~ Discovering a nest of lady bugs {for a future post}
~ Finding beauty in last years dried up flower {above}
~ My little family; healthy, safe and loved
Now I ask you
Where - in any of that - is there any reason in this world
To feel pity for myself???
......I think I am feeling better......


katrina lauren said...

somedays it just seems like a rain cloud is over head....i have a feeling today will be better!!! ;o)

Donna said...

melancholy...that describes how I feel today...your post was inspiring because it happens to more of us than we think! I think it is because we have not had much sunshine this spring.


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