Tuesday, May 12, 2009


There are some friends from your teenage years that you will never forget. Friends that were an intricate part of your growing up. My friend Trevor is one of them. I think it was grade 10 that we became good friends and even for awhile after high school, he was my best 'guy friend'. We hung around together lots and frequented the Esso Coffee Shop at least once a day/evening. If I was going to a party with 'the girls' my mom would tell me what time to be home. If I told her I was going to a party with Trevor she never seemed worried. I think he liked hanging out with me as he trusted me to drive his beloved truck home if he had too much to drink...!!! ;-) We spent many hours driving around town, wasting gas (gas was much cheaper in the 80's), talking, laughing, playing his music waaayyyy too loud. I have lots of pictures of him...most of them I can not show you. (Honestly Trevor...!)

I always thought he was pretty cool (doesn't he look cool talking on the Ronald McDonald phone line at the age of 19..?) and cherished our time we spent together. We lost track of each other through the years, as friends often do, but my mom keeps me up to date on him and his family (his lovely wife Jill and two beautiful children) as she sees him once in awhile.

He told my mom the other day that he was disappointed that I didn't mention him on my blog after he signed my guest book (that he wrote "Hi Katherine"...?!!?). I told her I did, as he is the boy mentioned from "Letter to My Younger Self". (Jan 31/09 Post - {You are going to write 2 stories for a Grade 12 English assignment and give one of them to your best guy friend to hand in...(you know who you are T.H.)...switch them...if you don't, he is going to get an A and you are going to get a B minus!}) I am thinking he either didn't catch the "T.H." or he wasn't truly reading my blog...! Hmmmmm!

But no matter - as here it is. A Post For My Friend Trevor.

Love you lots, think of you often, will remember you always. I promise next time we are home I will give you a call! Love from me, Catherine. :-)


Trevor said...

Now I feel alot better that I was mentioned. It was nice reading about the "old days", brings back good memories when we didn't have to worry about anything. Couldn't remember how to find your blog so I called your mom at 10:30 tonight, I think I woke her up? Sorry Mrs. Arnold
Love Trevor

Catherine said...

You are too funny! I'm sure she didn't mind. It wouldn't be the first time we woke up someone else's parents! Ha, ha! Hope to catch up with you soon! Love you back, Catherine


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