Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Long Day at the Office

After spending the morning
cooped up in her office,
Katrina gets up from her chair
to do some light exercises.

After all, even the tiniest
of offices has
room to perform
some basic leg stretches

My dear Katrina - you make my work day so enjoyable.
I can’t believe how mundane office work was without you.

{Oh to be so slim as to fit into an office coat closet...sigh...}

Not my best photo taking but I was laughing too hard trying to take them! :-)


katrina lauren said...

Awe...I'm glad that my antics bring a smile! So happy at my new job and you are a big part of that! Still though, I wish that I could get a bit bigger office...sometimes it just feels so cramped in there (and dark too)ha ha! ;o)

Donna said...

is that "Yoga in a Closet"? what have you done to our "Katrina the ballerina" ;)!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Katrina, you have such energy!!! I miss your "office exercies"!



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