Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day of Staycation I am...savoring my last few hours of my Staycation*. Back to work on Monday I go. I have been enjoying my last few mornings this week, sitting on my patio, drinking a cup of tea, watching the 'goings on' in my garden. It's been a wonderful two weeks of doing nothing!

*Staycation - from Saskatchewan's own award winning TV series "Corner Gas" - when you take a vacation, but don't leave home!


Cheryl said...

Hey another one will come soon. Maybe you could go half time and just work afternoons, or contract out and work from home. But think of what you would miss at work...

Donna said...

your backyard is lovely...i will miss your "staycation" too as the backyard happenings have been fun to read and all the awesome photos..oh well they are probably desperate to have you come back to work...I just know it!


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