Friday, May 22, 2009

If we could bottle it...

I am very lazy when it comes to exercising. I hate it. I always have. But it was so beautiful out this evening that my love and I {that would be Wayne...not Colin...} went for a brisk walk for almost an hour. I wish you could bottle how you feel after a nice long walk. The endorphins get you that natural 'high' and you feel so good. I get the same high from a good laugh. Sadly though, laughing my a** off doesn't get me fitting into my summer clothes...! So because of that, I have been trying to eat healthier and get some exercise in when I can. Now don't be too impressed - I'm only on day 2 of eating and exercising. :-(

Sigh...if only laughing could help us lose weight. I am sure I would weigh a mere 100 lbs as I do tend to laugh lots in a day.

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katrina lauren said...

nothing like getting out in the summer and breathing in that fresh air! it feels great...and so nice that your love will go with you!
apparently brendan got me luka so that he wouldn't have to take walks with me!


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