Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Enjoyable Mother's Day

What a lovely day my mother and I spent together. Brunch was ready when her and George got here {fruit salad, french toast, bacon}, a bit of shopping, a drive around town, stopping by a field to take some pictures {watch for future post}, a coffee break at Timmy's, a relax on the couch watching a movie, 1 1/2 bottles of wine and a delicious b-b-q {salad, ribs, chicken, green beans, rice, chocolate pie} to top off the evening! And because my mother wanted to leave a better impression with my blogger friends than of the pictures I posted below, here she is; non-smoking, new hair style, new glasses and as she says in her comment below, "just like fine wine I have improved with age".

Indeed you have mom...indeed you have...! Love you lots! Me

NOTE: Spot Healing, Blur, Diffuse Glow and Remove Color - I can't get us looking any younger then that without being a professional! :-)

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