Friday, May 15, 2009

A Most Enjoyable Friday

I'm so happy I rescued my 2 stray tulips from the snow and the freezing cold the other day. I have been enjoying them all week. I am especially happy today for the reason that as of 5 pm today, I am on 2 weeks holidays! While I do have a long list of "to do's" for the next few weeks, I do plan on enjoying the little things as well. For example:

On Nice Warm Days (assuming it will ever warm up again):

  • drinking tea out on my patio every morning
  • gliding on my glider patio chair bought last year
  • listening and watching the birds
  • taking some pictures of spring arriving...and staying
  • getting my pots ready for planting new flowers

On Cold Gloomy Days:

  • laying in bed for a bit longer in the morning
  • watching ellen and drinking tea
  • watching movies and crafting
  • catching up on reading my magazine subscriptions
  • middle of the afternoon snoozies

I hope you have a most enjoyable day - I plan to! ;-)


Cheryl said...

Enjoy your mini retirement.....
sounds like all my days now.

Donna said...

have a good 2 weeks...sounds divine! i like your vacation list so far...

katrina lauren said...

You will have a great two weeks...sounds like such nice restful & enjoyable days you have planned. {stay in bed longer than like you'll get up around 6am then?!}
Enjoy enjoy enjoy...and don't worry I will try and keep everything under emotional, on the brink of tears calls from me...(starting NOW ;o)


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