Friday, May 15, 2009

An Enjoyable Friday Indeed

On May 19, 2009 I will have been in the credit union system for 25 years. 25 years! Where on Earth did that time go? How old does that make me sound? {As I started at 14 years of age, not too old really....ahhh....yeah....14 years old....about there.} As mentioned below, I am on holidays next week so it would appear that some little elves worked late last night to decorate my office! We had lots of food all day and I received many congratulations.

I have 'survived' many changes working in the financial institution over the 25 years, including:
  • 6 different credit unions
  • 5 different banking systems
  • 2 mergers
  • numerous amalgamations
  • loan rates from 2% to 27%
  • positions of: teller, loans steno, edp coordinator, file clerk, member service representative, accounting clerk, administration clerk, training and development officer, human resource analyst, recruitment and development specialist
  • 5 different offices in the same building in less then 4 years

Though my true 'dream' job would be working with animals, being an author, something more creative, I couldn't imagine working anywhere else than at the credit union. Especially in human resources. I think it was where I was meant to be. {Excuse me while I 'fly my flag'! Ha, ha!}

Next stop...retirement! { I am MUCH too young for that yet!!!}


katrina lauren said...

Congratulations on your 25 year celebration! What a great to be proud of for sure! You fly that HR flag...I get that!

katrina lauren said...

ps...cleaned my car tonight...and thought 'now I should take Catherine on a car ride' Sadly, I know it will be a wreak next time you happen to see it. Of course Bren said 'Trin...don't you take pride in anything......'
{insert eye roll here from one 'trin'}

Donna said...

25 years... look at where you are today....i think you are in the right job...that is for sure! your creativity shows in your work and in your crafting and your love of animals is inspiring...I am sure you loved the attention that you deserved on Friday...

Donna said...

i am laughing at Brendan's comment to you K regarding the car and keeping it clean...I laughed because my Brian used to say that to me {used to...he doesn't dare now!} us creative types we don't have as much time to always be cleaning because we are busy CREATING!


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