Monday, May 25, 2009

Carol & Ted - Part 2

After watching Carol line the nest for most of the day,
Ted decides to lend a helping hand...err...wing.
He takes a nearby piece of string and starts
to pull it into their little house.
It's a pretty big job, as it is a pretty long piece of string.
He gets it half way in and decides to take a little rest.He eyes his 'handyman work' for a moment
and very impressed with himself he calls up to Carol.
"How's it look there sweet cheeks? Pretty good?"
Carol looks down at their home.
" think you could pull
the whole piece of string into the nest?"
Ted jumps into the nest.
Looks around for a bit and replies to Carol,
"I'm thinking this is good enough."

Carol sighs as she looks down at their home.
What will the neighbors think?
Ted flies back to the top of the garden arbor for a rest while
Carol hides her head in embarrassment.

And as any good woman will do,
Carol goes and finishes the job herself!
You go girl!


Donna said...

I can't believe I am the only one commenting on this hilariously and very professional looking blog story post. I have thought about this little story and it is just amazing, just so cute and shows your highly creative and innovative mind Catherine. This is a prize winner! I have read this post of the tree swallows over and over again. We have tree swallow family entertaining you are...your creativity has no limits - ...

Catherine said...

Thanks Donna! They are very entertaining to watch indeed!


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