Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Carol & Ted - Part 1

After spending a few days scouting the neighborhood,
Carol and Ted decide that this little piece of heaven
is just the right spot to set up their home and begin a family.
For the next couple of days, Carol tirelessly
sets out to find the nicest twigs and bits of fluff
to line their new home to make ready for her eggs.
While Carol busies herself with setting things up,
Ted appears to be doing not too much of anything....
hmmm......I'm wondering how long this relationship will last
if Ted doesn't start helping out a bit with the house work?


Just Jules said...

I love your take on this - soooo cute!

Cheryl said...

I have one outside my window too so now I want to take its picture.
Mine might be Bob and Alice and I will ask if they want to see Ted and Carol. I am not sure they will take to me holding up a laptop infront of their nest.

katrina lauren said...

love their names! oh ted...he had better shape up...keep us posted on your new neighbours!


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