Monday, May 4, 2009

The Award

The Story: For years, when my boys have rolled their eyes at me during one of my spontaneous singing outbursts (or Kurtis, when younger, even sticking his little fingers in his ears), I have been noted as saying, quite indignantly, "Hey...I've won awards for my singing you know!" The conversation, as well as my singing, usually ended at this spot.

One night not long ago, sitting at the supper table, while giving them my most recent rendition of "The Lonely Goatherd" song from The Sound Of Music, and after having rolled their eyes at me one more time, I went into my usual spiel, "Hey...I've won awards for my singing you know!" I quit singing and went back to eating my supper.

After a few quiet moments, Wayne asks, "So where are these awards anyways that you are always talking about having won?" Kurtis starts to laugh, "Yeah mom, like we've never seen any awards." Affronted with their wanting proof about my singing abilities and their doubt of me actually having won an award, I immediately left the supper table, grabbed a flashlight and proceeded to crawl under the small storage space underneath our basement stairs to find the Rubbermaid box holding all of my most cherished childhood possessions. After about a 1/2 hour, with broken back, sore knees and cobwebs in my hair, I gleefully ran up...{err...gleefully walked up} the stairs and produced this most prestigious award......they did not seem impressed......I assured them that I had won 1st place as well but couldn't seem to find that one. Again...not impressed.

I don't think the fact that is was a "Certificate of Participation" Award from Grade 2 belittles my singing ability what so you?

Side Note: "Cathy"???? What was UP with THAT???? :-(

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