Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I Wouldn't Do...

These shells and sand are from my Summer in a Jar post. I got the 'bright' idea to spread them onto my kitchen table for a little photo-op. While taking the pictures was all well and up the sand to put it back into the jar was not! {What a person won't do for a little creativity...!} The picture above is of a beach somewhere {borrowed courtesy of msword clip-art}. I would do anything to be walking along a warm beach somewhere today instead of heading out into the cold Saskatchewan weather. I would even don a bathing suit...hmmm...OK...maybe not a bathing suit but perhaps a pair of shorts and a tank top...ummm...maybe not shorts and a tank top but perhaps a pair of capri's and a light t-shirt. {I haven't worn a bathing suit since 1992 nor shorts since 1994!} So I guess I wouldn't do "anything" to be on a warm beach today...but I would do a lot of other things!!!

1 comment:

katrina lauren said...

can i come too??! oh i love the ocean and beaches and SUMMER!!!!
{where are you old summer friend...the winter blues have got me down!}


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