Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quick Trip to Calgary

We took off for a quick trip to Calgary on Thursday {April 9/09}. First thing - got to get the kitty all set up with both his timed dishes!
Errrr...Banjo...that has to last you 3 days you know! Good thing the rest of the 'holes' are timed to open up every 6 hours or he would have it all eaten before we even got out the door!
Bye Banjo - see you in a few days!
We took Kurtis' girlfriend along for company for him...don't they look like they are enjoying each other's company?? Both their noses stuck into their game systems??!!? Kids....!!
First stop - Golf Town - Wayne was the happiest man alive looking for new golf clubs over the next 3 days. He found some - now he's broke! Good thing he has a membership to the golf course. But since he never comments about my crafting supply buying fetish, I don't say too much about his golfing expenses! It keeps him out of trouble I guess.
Waiting for supper!
Waiting for supper too!
Wayne says, "Why are you taking pictures of birds at the zoo that you can see in the fields of Saskatchewan?" My reply, "Because they are standing right beside me posing!" I took lots of pictures but will try to share only those that aren't similar to the ones I took last September when we were at the Zoo.
Hasn't the baby grown since last September?
{see Calgary Zoo 2008 post)
Shout it out Monkey!
Pretty Bird!
I think in all the years we have gone to the zoo, this is the first time the Hippos have been out of the water! They are enormous!!!
These noisy birds were showing off on top of a gazebo!
And new to the Calgary Zoo this year {just brought in special very recently} were two adorable Koalas! CUTE!
OMG - don't you just want to hug him? Or her? Not sure which!
And that was our quick trip to Calgary. We left at 7 am on Thursday and got home at 7 am on Saturday. Besides the zoo we simply shopped, shopped and shopped some more! Love it! I will share with you a few items I purchased over the next few days {including an extravagant water fountain for my kitty kat cat!}.

1 comment:

katrina lauren said...

my zoo faves
-sweet elephants-what's not to LOVE?
-koala bear-oh dear too cute & cuddly! did you know that they are drunk most of the time from the eucalyptus?
-hippos-they look funny & slippery!


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