Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Excel Inferno Gum Detoxification - Day 7

So...why was I looking for gum on ebay? Ha, ha! I was actually just googling for a picture of excel inferno gum and it led me to ebay. I can't imagine being so desperate for a 'fix' of gum that I buy it at an inflated cost through ebay...hmmm...or can I..???

I am one week 'clean' of my excel inferno gum chewing/swallowing habit. Though I am still having the salivating effects whenever I think of it and have considered twice whether or not buying some other kind of gum counts, {I'm thinking it would - no?}, I think I am doing OK! The true test will be sitting through a long meeting without it. None scheduled for this week that I know of. wheeewwhh! :-)

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