Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Excel Inferno Gum Detoxification - Day 1

Excel Inferno Gum - addiction #2
{addiction #1 - Blistex Silk & Shine Lip Gloss - Jan 24/09 Post}

I consistently eat [yes eat - pop in mouth - chew for 30 seconds - swallow] at least two packages per day but quite often 3 packages per day. It has become an expensive habit [albeit not as expensive as smoking...but still...] at an average of $0.98 per package in bulk - $1.32 per package at a convenience store when desperate. While I've swallowed gum all my life [except for bubble gum - I can't seem to choke it down - weird huh?], my Excel Inferno addiction has been building steadily over the last couple of years. It has been in the last six to eight months that it has become a 3 package per day obsession, eating it like a box of chocolates, one right after another, without consciousness. And I'm not sure why. What will I crave/replace for the gum if I stop??? Hmmmm.....I guess we'll see.

It is an 'old wives tail' that gum sits in your stomach for years, not digesting, until you one day, when much older, go to the doctor complaining of a sore tummy and he/she does an x-ray and finds a humongous lump in your intestine, thinking it's a tumor, performs an operation and upon opening you up, finds a big wad of gum sitting there!!! [Google it - it passes 'naturally' within 24 hours - undigested.]

Think about it - glue does not stick to the inside of a bottle does it????

So, with my last piece of gum swallowed at 6:23 pm last night, 11 hours of 'gum free living' under my belt [at time of post], and with an average savings of $3.00 per day, grand total of $90.00 per month - what shall I do with all that extra money? Any ideas? :-)


Anonymous said...

I am so very proud of you......Michele

Laurette said...

Buy me something..ha. That is a funny post, I didn't realize you ate that much gum. Good for you for trying to quit.

cheryl said...

Swallowing gum...hmmmnnnn I never knew anyone before that did that, but I now worry if you stop you may be come unglued and just be another boring person like so many I know.
Is there a group for Gum Swallowers Annonymous.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I have heard of this addiction before...but good for you for conquering your addictions! You go girl!!!



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