Monday, April 13, 2009

Banjo's New Water Fountain

I just can't go on a trip and not buy my Banjo something! The top left picture is of one of his previous water fountains. We have purchased 5 of them (3 blue, 2 brown) over the last 2 years. The pumps never seem to last very long in them. The newest one only lasted a few months. Just long enough for the warranty to expire! Grrrrr!!! They were cheap - $30 - {is that cheap?? hmmm...}. This new one...well...let's just say it was MORE than $30 and leave it at that shall we? It comes with 5 different 'spouts' and you can set the flow on it. Banjo seems to like it fine except for when he accidentally sticks his ear under one of the flows! Ha, ha...silly Banjo!

1 comment:

katrina lauren said...

oh what a lucky kitty cat mr.banjo is! i was thinking he would have to do some maneuvering..being careful not to dip his ear!


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