Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wifely Duties

It's not often that I perform my 'wifely duties' and go watch Wayne play hockey. Not since I got the ol' engagement ring anyways...!!! ;-) But since he was in a hockey tournament this weekend and seeing how he had the whole house cleaned for me the other day - I woke Kurtis up early and we headed off to the rink to watch one of Wayne's games.
As usual, I pretty much cheered for the clock {go time go}...I heard Wayne say to his team mates "See guys! I really do have a wife!" I'm not known for attending hockey games! Ha, ha!


Donna said...

go time go - you crack me up - that is a very "devoted-wife" post. i love it !!

Cheryl said...

too funny.....
You are one loving the toilet????
Give me the Comet anytime lol
Bt I am sure he was very pleased to have you watch him.


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