Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Sound of Music Movie Review

Yesterday was my and Katrina's
Sound of Music Movie Review
at work during lunch hour!
Though we didn't get as many participants as anticipated,
I am sure if everyone would have known we were offering
Apple & Cherry Strudel and Apple Danishes for dessert,
along with giving out some AWESOME prizes
for the top scorers on our movie quiz,
we would have had staff beating down our training room door.....!!!!
Look at us...eating our lunch.....enjoying our snacks....reviewing
some scenes from the - fun - fun!!!!
I was told the Deposit Support Department could
hear me singing...I'm glad I could entertain them
while they were downstairs working!
And the winners were.....
Brenda 1st....
Cathy 2nd....
and Katrina 3rd!
Very good ladies! I'm proud of you all!


Donna said...

looks like a nice fun and tasty lunch break..i love the little goat! very cute

Cheryl said...

So nice to sit here in Barcelona, listening to someone singing in spanish in the background and read your blog and look at pictures of old co-workers, (well they really are not old)

katrina lauren said...

hmmm....not so sure about the photo of me enjoying my studel. a fun gathering! Thanks for your hard work planning it...very informative trivia on the Von Trapp Family....

katrina lauren said...

uh hmmmm....when i say studel....i mean strudel


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