Friday, March 20, 2009

Reminder of Why I Hate Sports

I didn't know if I should title this post "Reminder of Why I Hate Sports" or "How to Win Friends and Influenza People". Hmmm....

So, I just got home from the Dr's office. It would appear that while I indeed am suffering from my annual seasonal allergies, I am also carrying around a vicious flu bug. Which, for every single person I came in contact with this week, I send you my deepest apologies. While I tried very hard to cough and sneeze into a kleenex, there was one sneeze in particular that I know most likely had a speed of 100 km per hour and a radius of the entire meeting room (including saturating my two fellow participants on either side of me - if you two don't get the flu - no one should) . Sadly, you can wash your hands all you want but when the 'juices' are flying through the air, besides holding your breath for the rest of the day, there just is not a whole lot you can do. If I had even dreamed it was anything but my allergies, I swear I would not have stepped out my house this entire week. But, what leads me to my post, like the 3rd person that 'strikes out' on a baseball team, it seems to be the 3rd person the team remembers and looks down upon, kicks sand at, beats the crap out of in the locker room - not the 1st nor 2nd striker outers! While it is true that if you are suffering from the flu this weekend and were in contact with me it is probably my fault, please do not think ill of me (oh so sorry for the pun...) for remember, someone passed it on to me 1st....not that THAT information will make you feel any better while you are laying in bed with your bones on fire and a raging fever with severe chills.... :-) My love to everyone!!!!

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Cheryl said...

So sorry you are all infectious but that should give you some quiet time as we all know one can not make meals or do dishes or vaccumn when one has the flu.....that is the rule......
Not sure why my comment section looks diff now, I did not change it.....oh blogging so much much to learn.


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