Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Most Beautiful Day

It was so beautiful out today
that I decided I would go for a walk with my camera to see if... let me start that again...
It was so beautiful out today
that I decided I would go for a drive (I'm so very lazy)
with my camera to see if there was anything interesting
that I could take pictures of. I drove to a nearby park
(yes...that is correct...DROVE to a NEARBY park...
I admitted I was lazy didn't I???)
and THEN I got out of the car and walked through the park... :-)
At first - everything seemed so brown and ugly.
But I started taking some pictures anyways.
As I kept on going, things started to look a little different.
Perhaps it was because I was walking around in enjoyable puddles
with no jacket on - just a sweatshirt!
The sun was shining so nicely around and through this tree!
As I was taking pictures here, I was imagining that soon
new moms would be sitting on the benches
with their babies in strollers and wee ones
would be climbing on the jungle gym and
children with scooters would be racing down the pathway.
And hopefully soon, families will be able to sit around
this park table, enjoying a refreshment and snack.
All in all I guess it really was a most beautiful day!

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