Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morning Routine Disrupted

There are so many little (seemingly insignificant) things that you take for granted and you don't realize how disrupted your day can be when you don't have them. My morning ritual of getting up, turning on the computer and making myself a big mug of tea every morning; I love it. And when you are in a hotel, even though you may have a coffee pot and a tea bag, brewing tea this way seems to make it foamy and then there is nothing even to discuss when you like a little dollop of cream in your tea and all there is in the room is a package of coffee mate. Blah! I went down to the meeting room early yesterday morning figuring I could get my tea there. But alas, it was not so. Indeed there was cream but their 'hot' water was little more than room temprature. And it was so cold out I couldn't talk myself into doing a 'Timmy's" run. But - not this morning! Even though there is windchill warnings of minus 40 out (Can you imagine? March 11 and there is windchill warnings out!!!), I will be heading out of my room by 7:45 am to face the freezing cold to get my steeped tea from Timmy's!



Cheryl said... certainly sound much more BRITISH with the tea thing....
I learned something new today...Tims has tea..never knew that but the last time I drank tea there was no

Anonymous said...

I get you Catherine! I would be doing the same thing for my Timmie's coffee. Sometimes I drive all the way in to town for nothing else!! I am sick again and haven't been able to have coffee in a week...some serious withdrawals let me tell you!



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