Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Enjoyable Product

I enjoy when products or companies stand behind what they sell. I love to use Ad tech Glue Runner for my card making projects. Over the last few months though, I had quite a few refills wreck for whatever reason. The glue did not come out as it should have. I couldn't take them back because I didn't have a receipt for them - though I will keep a receipt for them in the future as they are almost $4 a package and I go through lots of them. I have bought and tried a few different glues over the last few months, but none of them are equal to the Ad tech glue. So, with almost $12 worth of their product that I technically love unusable, I decided to e-mail the company with a complaint. Low and behold, yesterday, a mere week later, a brown envelope arrives at my door with 5 refills and a new dispenser!!! ENJOYABLE!!!! Ad tech - you are still my favorite craft tool! Thank you for standing behind your product! Good stuff! Needless to say, if you are looking for me today, I shall be down in my craft room, throwing out the 'Martha Stewart' glue (oh Martha....must I contact you as well??? Your glue sucks!) and crafting away the day!

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